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About Us


DaRoots Energy is a division of DAROOTS (PTY) LTD

We are a 100% Black Owned Company with B-BBEE Level 1 contributor and 135% procurement recognition.

Our Company is led by a seasoned woman passionate about service delivery, sustainable employment and empowerment.

We remain committed to play a pivotal role as one of the captains of industry to realise holistic transformation in the economy. We are a Proudly South African Registered Member.


What we Do

We SUPPLY, STORE & DISTRIBUTE fuel, lubricants and oil products, keeping the lights on wherever we are in the market.

We operate a reliable, safe and secure storage, even where insecurity prevails. 
Our Road and Rail transport remain a strategic focus for our core Business

We believe in putting in place better infrastructure, realistic systems, enhanced technologies and superior processes thus advanced in everything from delivery logistics to point of sale equipment.

Our facilities will support trade flows and enhance liquidity for local and regional businesses.




Our Vision

Our vision is to build and grow a company with a comprehensive profile focused on excellent service delivery and also to

- Be the ideal Supplier of Energy & Resources. 
- Be the industry leader in all our sector industries we operate in. 
- Grow our portfolio into a well-known brand that is reliable and conducts all dealings with integrity and honesty always. 
- Be a transparent service provider that gives back to communities and addressing socio economics gaps in our Nation. 

Our Mission

As new breed catalysts, we aim to exceed our client’s expectations all the time by strategic value added services and bringing innovative solutions from competent role players in the industry and provide competitive costs leading to our client’s business savings and value advantage.

We aim to establish long fruitful, rewarding and sustainable relationship with all our clients across all sectors as well as to deliver the best products and provide exceptional service at all time. We always strive to provide clients with a peace of mind by being a leading, diverse, well balanced company in the core consultancy areas.

 Our Role

Our role is to ensure this investment makes a long-term and sustainable difference. To this end, we have to maintain a reliable supply of energy to keep the lights on wherever we operate; safe and secure storage, even where insecurity prevails; and effective distribution, however remote the location.


Our Commitment & Values

Our core values are Commitment, Integrity, Loyalty, Enthusiasm, Respect, Professionalism, On-time delivery and Workforce safety.

We commit to be known for our secure fuel reliability all the time with a carbon footprint around 20% lower than conventional heating oil and 50% lower than coal, increasing numbers of consumers choose LPG as an efficient and cost-effective solution hence we plan to supply cleaner, safer LPG fuels.